Cold Storage Facility

The most comprehensive Cold Storage company. We Provide the cold storage facilities in Islamabad Pakistan. M Wasim & Co. in one of the largest service providers

Technology Awareness

M Wasim & Co. Provides the best technique for fruits storage and aware the former the providing the best Facilities for the Fruits protection.

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This is What We Doing

M WASIM & CO. was established in 1980. Due to the enormous potential of Pakistan’s horticulture products in the global market Create an export orientated environment facilitated through procedures and quality standards through regulations and incentive schemes. Being an Agricultural State Pakistan Produces Best Quality Fruits & Vegetables. In order to promote export of fresh fruits
Apple Exports

We Provide Fresh Fruits

Fresh Apple Fruits, Test and Size of apple we Provide and export the fresh Apple.

Fresh Apple Export from Pakistan, we provide the high class export quality Fresh apple from Pakistan, and also we Import the apple from diffrent part of the world for the compensation of fresh fruits in paksitan

Pakistan Mandarin (kinnow)

Fresh Mandarin Exports from Paksitan

We are on of the largest mandarin (kinnow) Exporters from Pakistan, the Pakistani kinnow

The fresh Pakistani mandarin (kinnow) there are different type of Pakistani mandarin which most liked in the different countries because of the taste of mandarin

Fresh Mango Exporters and Supplires

Pakistan produces 3.95 percent world’s mangoes being the fourth largest producer. We  Exports managoes  from Pakistan to different part of the world.

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Start in 1980, start as fruits merchants and become the largest exporters and commission agent the field. Achieve the major targets for the Mango’s and Citrus (kinnow) in the agriculture field
Citrus Farming0%
Mango's Export0%
Potato Farming and Exports0%
Apple Exports and Imports0%

Apples Exporters In Pakistan

We are the largest exporters and Importers of Apple in Pakistan, we are exporting diffrent vireities of Apple to world

Citrus Exports In Pakistan

Citrus (Kinnow) is the largest exporter Item in Paksitan, we deals in export of the citrus (Kinnow)

Mangos Exports in Pakistan

Mango is the second largest produced fruit of Pakistan after citrus. M Waseem & Co is Largest exporters of Mangos in Pakistan


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